Where do the tours start?

The 3 Free Tours we do (Essential Granada, Albaicín, Sacromonte and the Alhambra surroundings) start from Plaza Nueva. You will find us holding red umbrellas next to the round fountain in the middle of the square.
The Guided Visit of the Alhambra begins in front of the big map of the Alhambra that is located next to the main ticket office (See picture below).
Private tours start at the meeting point agreed between the customer and Walk In Granada.


Where does the tour end?

Essential Granada Free Tour: Viewpoint of San Nicolás Square (Mirador de San Nicolás)
Albaicín Free Tour: Carmen de la Victoria (on the Cuesta del Chapíz, near the Paseo de los Tristes.)
Sacromonte Free Tour: On the corner of Cuesta del Chapíz and Camino de Sacromonte.
Alhambra surroundings: Carmen de los Mártires.
The Guided Visit of the AlhambraIn the precinct of the Alhambra. It depends on the guide and itinerary for that day.
Keep in mind that these locations may vary if the guide finds it appropriate or special events are taking place in the city.


In what language are the free tours available?

We each of the three tours always in Spanish and English. These are given by separate tour guides, as long as there is a minimum of 5 adults interested in the tour in that language.
If you would like to have a tour in another language, you can request it as a private tour. Contact us at [email protected] or fill in this form and we will look for a guide who speaks the language you’re requesting.


How do I identify the company?

For the tours starting at Plaza Nueva, we always carry a red umbrella with our company name. You can’t miss us!


Can I join the tour if I’m late?

It depends. In general, if you arrive 5-10min late there is no problem, because the guide is usually close to the meeting point and we can direct you there easily (it is advisable that you let us know that you will be late so we can wait for you at the meeting point!). If the delay is of 15-30min, we could indicate the place where the guide should be with the group so you can look for them on your own. If the delay is more than half an hour, finding the guide will be too difficult, and even more so if you do not know the city.
In the case of the Sacromonte Free Tour, once the group has left the meeting point it is practically impossible to reach them, so especially for that tour, please do not be late!


What is a Free Tour?

It is a tour in which everyone is free to contribute what they think the tour has been worth. The guides do not have a fixed payment, but it’s up to you to decide how much you think the work of the guide is worth and to give it directly to them at the end of the tour.


How much do I have to give to the guide on a Free Tour?

As we previously stated, what each person gives to the guide is free and subjective, since it depends on their level of satisfaction. Still, if you want some reference, a tour of these type and duration in “prepaid” format usually has a value of about € 12 per person.


Do I need to book to join the tour?

Although it is not usually mandatory to book, there are certain dates in which we have no choice but to limit the participation to people who have made prior reservation. This happens especially on Easter, Christmas and other Spanish holidays. The reason is that we do not want to overload the groups because the visit would lose quality, that’s why we put a limited number of places that we assign to the first ones that reserve them.

The rest of the days, although we admit anyone who appears at the meeting point without reservation, we prefer and appreciate that you make a prior reservation, in order to have a better estimate of how many people are interested and to call for more guides if necessary.


Why can’t we sign up for a Free Tour if we are a group of more than 8 adults?

There are several reasons why large groups unbalance a Free Tour (overcrowding and often talking among themselves annoying other participants amongst other reasons), but the most important reason is this:

As we explained before, in a Free Tour the guide does not receive any salary. It’s the participants themselves who decide at the end how much they think the tour was worth and they give it directly to the guide. Please consider that not all your contributions go to the guide. So that the system can work properly, the guide in turn gives part of that profit to the company. The amount varies depending on the number of participants. When there are large groups, the guide often finds that the amount he has to give to the company is greater than what the group gives him (as the group members do not value the tour individually, but as a group). Therefore, to protect our guides, we have the policy that groups of more than 8 adults have to hire a private tour, in which the guide receives a pre-agreed fixed payment.


Do you have tickets for the Alhambra?

We do not sell tickets for the Alhambra, but we do organize guided tours that INCLUDE THE ENTRANCE. In this case you have two options: well join our Group Tour, whose availability can be found in the calendar following this link; or request a Private Tour in which case you can enjoy a guide at your entire disposal. You can request the Private Tour either by writing to [email protected] or filling out this form.


What flamenco show do you recommend?

Taking into account several factors such as show quality, quality of place, responsible management, originality, etc. The two places that we like most in Granada are La Zambra María la Canastera and Jardines de Zoraya.
La Zambra María la Canastera offers the authentic Flamenco del Sacromonte danced on the floor of a typical cave, and they are the only ones that still represent the typical poles of the area.
Jardines de Zoraya is a tablao that brings artists of great cache and also offers (optionally) a dinner cooked with great care and dedication.
If you want to book La Zambra María la Canastera, write to [email protected] indicating which day you would like to go and how many you are. For Jardines de Zoraya you can make the reservation yourself here.

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