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Guided visit to Cordoba

A tan solo una hora y media de la ciudad de Granada, Córdoba se erige con grandeza con su Mezquita-Catedral, los toros y espectáculos de flamenco que inundan las calles cargadas de cultura y patrimonio. Este es un recorrido que no puedes perderte si visitas Andalucía, ya que en ella encontrarás historia en cada rincón de sus calles empedradas, patios y fuentes.

This is a small group excursion. If you want to take this tour in a private format, you can make the request through our customized tours section.

Excursion to Córdoba from Granada

Mezquita Córdoba

From the city of Granada, we head to Córdoba to witness one of the most spectacular and iconic monuments in the province, the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. Guided by a local expert, specializing in this monument, you'll discover not only its history but also its legends and myths. The most relevant details will make your experience truly unique. As a masterpiece of Islamic and Christian architecture, this is one of the monuments, along with the Alhambra, that will help you understand and appreciate Andalusian art during its Arab period. The interior of this monument features an impressive number of columns and arches, making it a must-visit in the city.

Córdoba is a city with a rich history and was once known as "Cordüba" during the Roman era. Furthermore, it became the capital of Muslim Spain and is considered one of the three essential provincial capitals to claim that you have visited Andalusia.
Another tourist attraction in Córdoba is the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, a palace-fortress built in the 14th century by King Alfonso XI. This impressive building features beautiful gardens and courtyards and offers spectacular views of the Guadalquivir River.
During the city tour, there will be free time to experience the beauty that radiates from the locality. The narrow streets of La Judería de Córdoba, the city's old Jewish quarter, or the Guadalquivir River and Sierra Morena are part of the wonders of the Cordovan landscape. You can enjoy the stories that abound in the narrow streets, patios, and synagogues from the medieval era. During free time, don't forget to try the local cuisine, one of the most typical in the Andalusian region, such as salmorejo, gazpacho, and rabo de toro.

Meeting point

Plaza Mariana Pineda

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What you will visit

Mosque of Córdoba, time to stroll through the Jewish quarter, shop and have lunch.

What is included in the visit

  • Mosque Entrance
  • Transport
  • Paper guide

What the visit does not include

  • Food and drink

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