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Sevilla from Granada

The Andalusian capital is undoubtedly a city whose history is at the same time of fundamental importance in the history not only of Spain, but also of Latin America, being the capital of trade with the new continent in the modern age and a port of capital importance for the history of overseas Spain. A heritage city without equal in the world whose history dates back to the Phoenicians and which brings together vestiges of all the civilisations and cultures that have inhabited the Iberian Peninsula up to the present day.

This is a small group excursion. If you want to take this tour in a private format, you can make the request through our customized tours section.

Excursion to Seville from Granada

plaza de españa, sevilla

Our excursion to Seville from Granada delves into one of the 34 taifas into which the Caliphate of Córdoba decomposed until its absorption by the Almoravids. A city that was also the capital in Al-Andalus of the Almohad Empire, and from whose period monuments such as the Giralda still endure to this day.

El viaje desde Granada recorrerá los principales municipios de la rivera del Guadalquivir, de importancia histórica y cruciales para entender la idiosincrasia de la que otrora fuera capital comercial del Imperio Español.

In Seville, visitors will learn about the city's history from its early Phoenician settlers to the present day, including its historical significance since antiquity and the era of the emirate dependent on Damascus, the Caliphate of Córdoba, the three stages of taifas, the conquests by the Almoravids and Almohads, and finally, the conquest by the Catholic Monarchs and the role of Seville in the overseas trade of the Spanish crown during the imperial period.

The visitor will immerse themselves in the streets of Seville, accompanied by an Official Tour Guide, to learn about the impact of different cultures on the formation of the Andalusian capital and their influence on the world from the 16th century.

During the trip, both the Cathedral of Seville, a spectacular temple that safeguards the remains of Christopher Columbus, and the Giralda, now integrated into the cathedral complex as a bell tower but originally built as the minaret of the city's Main Mosque in the 12th century during the Almohad period, will be visited.

Visitors can wander through the streets and explore the many corners of incalculable historical value of a city that has been enriched by each unique culture that has passed through its lands over the centuries.

Meeting point

Plaza Mariana Pineda

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What you will visit

  • Guided tour of the capital of the Almohad empire of Al-Andalus.
  • Views of the Guadalquivir River.
  • You will get to know the historic-artistic complex of Sevilla.

What is included in the visit

  • Ticket to Seville Cathedral
  • Ticket to Giralda of Sevilla
  • Local Official Tourist Guide
  • Paper guide to enjoy your free time in the capital of Sevilla.

What the visit does not include

  • Food and drink
  • Entrance fees to any other monument or monument complex not listed above

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