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Guided tour to Guadix and Gorafe

If you love nature and history, the Geopark of Granada is a destination you can't miss. Declared a UNESCO Global Geopark in the summer of 2020, this place combines history, culture, and natural beauty, just 45 minutes from the center of Granada.

This is a small group excursion. If you want to take this tour in a private format, you can make the request through our customized tours section.

Excursion to Guadix and Gorafe from Granada


Our tour will start in Mariana Pineda Square in Granada, and we will head to Guadix, one of the most significant municipalities in the Geopark. Guadix, located to the east of the province of Granada, is one of the oldest human settlements in Spain.

Strolling through the streets of Guadix is like traveling through time, thanks to its rich history and its impressive cultural heritage. The city is famous for its caves, which are a relevant part of the local architecture and offer a unique experience for visitors. These dwellings carved into the rock date back to prehistoric times and have been used as homes and shelters throughout the centuries, continuing to be inhabited to this day.

Guadix boasts impressive monuments and points of interest such as the beautiful Cathedral of the Incarnation and the Alcazaba de Guadix, an Arab fortress dating back to the 11th century, as well as the Plaza de las Palomas that features Roman and medieval remains.

Very close to Guadix is Gorafe, a small municipality known for its impressive landscapes and rich history. But the most astonishing aspect of this small town is the Megalithic Park within it, with one of the largest concentrations of dolmens in Europe. These megalithic monuments, dating back over 4000 years, bear witness to the historical significance of this area in Granada.

As if that weren't enough, Gorafe also has its own desert: an extensive area formed by canyons and badlands that offer a spectacular view with breathtaking natural beauty.

If you want to explore the history of the incredible Geopark of Granada, don't miss this visit and book your tour now.

Meeting point

Plaza Mariana Pineda

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What you will visit

  • City of Guadix
  • Cave houses
  • 11th century towers
  • Desert of Gorafe
  • Megalithic Park

What is included in the visit

  • Visit with official local guide
  • Transport

What the visit does not include

  • Food and drink

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