The origin of Granada

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The conquest of Granada is the turning point for the european society of the end of the XV Century and it is in Albaycín were we find a live testimony of this changes.
The quarter of Albayzín is a synthesis of all the cultures that have occupied its streets, squares, and houses. From Muslims to Christians and Jewish people, without missing romantic artists and writers who found inspiration in the narrow alleys of this quarter, all of them have contributed to give its unique charm to Albaycín. Here, Moorish houses, the traditional gardens of the 'carmenes', old mosques converted into churches and arab palaces coexist with artisan workshops, traditional bars, family businesses and magical viewpoints.
Our tour will take you through its stone paved streets with guides passionate about this misterious and attractive area so you can discover its unique character.
Experience history and the essence of one of the world's most fascinating places on Earth!
Duration: 2,5h




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