This neighborhood has nothing to do with the rest of Granada, it is unlike anything else because it has retained its Andalusian essence.

This is where the first Muslim court of Granada, the Ziri, settled down in the eleventh century. But it was during the nazarí period when it reached its splendor. It was densely populated, so the streets were very narrow and the houses small and white, tortuous small streets and also little scattered squares, many of them with cisterns where people got water… pretty much like it is today.

After the conquest of Granada, Moors were forced to, little by little, leave their homes, and the rich Christians took advantage of new opportunities to build luxury cármenes, which now are the typical construction of the neighborhood.

This is definitely a neighborhood to get lost!

Discover the Albayzin


The Sacromonte was the neighborhood where the marginalized people lived: Muslims and Jews who were driven from their homes, black slaves who were freed by their Muslim owners when they were expelled from Granada, and Gypsies who were joining them because, as nomadic people, they were always marginalized too.

Nowadays it remains being the traditional neighborhood where gypsies live and many people from all around the world, and most interestingly, apart from the views from there, is that the houses are caves dug into the mountain.

The Sacromonte neighborhood is definitely different to anything you may have seen so far…

Discover the Sacromonte


Also known as 'Realejo de San Matias', it was the old Jewish quarter of the Muslim city.

It is a densely populated neighborhood that has, in the network of streets and squares, its own flavor and a very active neighborhood life. 

You can find in this quarter many historical buidings, churches, and different interesting spots such as "Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo". Here there are also a large number and variety of tapas bars, clubs, Irish pubs… 

When walking its streets, you can also enjoy the wonderful murals done by El Niño de las pinturas, a popular Spanish urban artist.