Immerse yourself in the history of Granada

We start EVERY DAY at 11am at Plaza Nueva, next to the fountain.  Check the MAP

"...a city where the one in love writes better than anywhere the name of his love upon the ground."  - Federico Garcia Lorca
Essential tour if you want to discover the popular and centric areas of the city, the Cathedral, the Royal Chapel, Alcaicería...
Anecdotes, leyends, history at your fingertips; an experience that will help you understand and get closer to the magic of the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada. Amaze youself with the contrasts of its streets, come to discover the centre of Granada with local tour guides in love with their city and with the legacy that shares with two of the most powerful empires of history.
During this tour we will also get lost through the magical alleys of Albaycín, you will know the changes that followed the political and social situation after the reconquest and we will bring you closer to how it was the life in every corner of Granada. This walk is going to take you to the emblematic places of a neighborhood that is probably the most multi-cultural one in the whole Spain. A very complete stroll around city that will make you fall for its incredible charm.
Live the history in Granada!


Duration: 2,5h




E-Mail: info@walkingranada.com
Phone: +34 630 07 08 93

Everyone is invited to join the tours, without any commitment or cost, because that is how we ensure that the guides will give the best of themselves. Because it's you who, at the end, decide how satisfied you are.

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*Tours only run with 5 or more adults.
*Due to the dynamic of the free tour, groups of 9 people or more must request a Private Tour.

NOTE: The guides who run the free tours for Walk In Granada receive no retribution for their services. All the free tours that Walk In Granada offers are free and the guides do not receive any payment for this service. Sometimes the people who attend these tours may or may not give financial compensation (tips) as a way of appreciation. But this compensation is always voluntary and it is never required by the guides, therefore the activity is clearly NON-REMUNERATED.