Flamenco is the musical product of the miscegenation that happened for many centuries in Andalusia: Muslims, Gypsies, Jews and Castilians. It is a jewel created through the history, and in fact is considered Intangible Cultural Heritage. It's not just music, it is art that comes from the heart. If you see a good live flamenco show, you will feel chills... you will feel that mysterious power which they call "duende".

If you want to enjoy the magic of flamenco in Granada, here you have a couple of options:



 The "Zambra" María la Canastera, is located in the picturesque neighborhood of Sacromonte, it represents today, 50 years after its foundation, one of the main attractions of Granada: Flamenco dancing. Here, every night the songs and dances of Sacromonte revive, masterfully offered by the descendants of María; they are in charge of maintaining the tradition she left behind.

They do shows every day at 9:30pm. You can make reservations by sending an email to: info@walkingranada.com, indicating the DATE on which you want to go, NUMBER OF PEOPLE and one NAME. The normal price is 22 €, but if you book with us, you will pay only € 20 per person.


The "tablao" Jardines de Zoraya is an old carmen (typical Grenadian house) conditioned as restaurant, with an Andalusian patio where you can have dinner or a drink surrounded by lemon and orange trees. The inside is a beautiful lounge where you can enjoy the live entertainment every night.

The price of the show is 20€
You can book it here: