Wonder What to See in Granada?

Wonder What to See in Granada?

These are our Must-See in Granada Recommendations

Granada is worldwide famous for its historical and cultural heritage.
The city has so many attractions to be proud about.
Let us show you some of our favorite sights.

Alhambra Palaces

The Palaces of the Alhambra are the jewel in the crown of Granada. The complex, a World Heritage Site due to its spectacular architectural value, received about 2.5 million visitorseach year. Its magnificent palaces and gardens, as well as spectacular views over the city will leave you astoning.

Palacios Nazar√≠esBut to really value this place you must know a little of its history. Did you know that the word¬†Alhambra¬†means in Arabic¬†‚ÄúRed Castle‚ÄĚ? Built throughout the Middle Ages -there are still remains of buildings of the 9th century- its first residential palace was erected in the 13th century by the¬†Nasrid Dynasty. After the Reconquest of Granada, the Catholic Kings transformed their rooms and¬† built a large church in the place where the mosque was settled. His son Carlos V built a new palace for himself, also spectacular with a style very typical of the Renaissance.

The Alhambra is a large complex, it can easily take you half day to visit. Remember to see its main attractions: the Nasrid Palaces, the Palace of Charles V, the Generalife, summer palace of the sultans and the Alcazaba, wich is the fortress and the oldest part of the Alhambra.

Do not forget to book in advance, tickets are sold out very fast! If you have it, you can book with us here.


AlbayzínThe Albayzin is another World Heritage Site located in the heart of Granada. It is a very old and interesting neighborhood to walk through the beauty of its narrow streets andalusian style of the Middle Ages. An entire Islamic legacy is printed on its walls, as if it were a large open-air museum. Undoubtedly, visitors experienced the sensation of a trip through time walking through its streets. You can try delicious Granada tapas in all the numerous taverns in the area. And do not miss the sunset over the Alhambra from the viewpoint Mirador de San Nicolas.



La Alcaiceria

It is a series of streets with a Moroccan character where is located the Grand Bazaar of Granada. There you will find everything: ethnic clothing, jewelry, fabrics, spices, henna and many more treasures. Traditional craftsmanship is fascinating, look for the fajalauza, masters of ceramic painting or the wonderful grenadines lamps of stained glass called farolas.

Granada Historical Center

The Historical Center of Granada, adjacent to the Albayzin, also has many attractions as its medieval monuments: churches, monasteries and palaces; the Federico García Lorca Cultural Center, museums and other buildings with a beautiful facade.

HistóricoWe recommend visiting the Basilica of San Juan de Dios, the Cathedral of Granada and the Royal Chapel, where the sepulchres of the Catholic Kings are located, and the Monastery of San Jeronimo with its garden of orange trees. It is easy to walk without north in its countless streets full of bars of exquisite Andalusian tapas, and craft shops and souvenirs.




SacromonteDo not miss, if you are in physical shape, the cave-houses of Sacromonte, they  are truly spectacular. A type of construction that goes back to ancient times. Enjoy as well the Sacromonte climbing for its wonderful views over the city of Granada in the top, called Mirador San Miguel. The sunsets here are unique.

In this particular neighborhood, there are many flamenco sights offering high quality performances, as well as restaurants and taverns. It is also interesting to visit the Museum of the Sacromonte Caves, we recommend consulting its website to check the interesting activities they organize.

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