Dobla de Oro:
Into the Nasrid Life:

The tour that will lead you into the Muslim Kingdom of Granada…


Do you want to complete the visit to the Alhambra with a wonderful tour of the palaces that the Nasrids raised in the original Albayzín neighborhood?

You couldn´t get tickets to the Alhambra but do not want to miss the great samples of Arabic and Mudejar architecture that hides the old Muslim quarter?


The Albayzín is the original core of Granada: here the first Arab kings had their residences and when the Alhambra was built, the Albayzín remained as the neighborhood of the palaces of the aristocracy and many members of the royal family.

Inspiring and mirror of the Alhambra, the spirit of those times still remains alive and present in the Albayzín today.

In this tour we will visit the inside of the buildings that make up the Dobla de Oro (Spanish-Muslim monuments) of Albayzín. We will enter into their houses, palaces, spirituality and customs. All by the hand and explanations of an expert guide.

A truly unique tour!

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