This tour is perfect for lovers of photography, nature and walks outdoors.


In the past, the neighborhood of the marginalized. When the Catholic Monarchs conquered Granada in 1492, all kinds of communities began to congregate outside the city walls: Muslims, gypsies, former slaves of Africa… a picturesque mixture that formed the Sacromonte that we know today and left us an important heritage such as flamenco.
Explore this area and learn to interpret its culture for 2 and a half hours with the help of an expert guide.


Amount of people Price per group
1 to 2 people 120 €
3 to 5 people 140 €
6 to 10 people 160 €
11 to 20 people 185 €
21 to 30 people 205 €

*Prices with VAT included

**Free for children under 12 years old


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Sacromonte Private Tour does not include any Flamenco show during the tour.
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