How to get to Plaza Nueva?


By foot

Plaza Nueva is one of the most important squares in Granada. You can get to this central square from several directions, among others:

  • By Gran Vía or Calle Elvira, if you come from the Triunfo area.
  • By Reyes Católicos street, if you come from the downtown area
  • By Gomerez street, if you come from the Alhambra
  • By Carrera del Darro street, if you come from the Albaicín or Sacromonte neighborhoods.
  • By Pavaneras street, if you come from the Realejo district.

Unless you are in an area on the outskirts of the city, the maximum distance from almost anywhere in the city to Plaza Nueva does not exceed 1,200 – 1,500 meters (between 15 and 20 minutes). It depends on your rhythm.


By bus

The bus lines that reach Plaza Nueva are mainly the red minibus lines that cover the downtown area: C31 (Albaicín – Centro), C32 (Alhambra – Albaicín) and C34 (Sacromonte – Centro). The C30 lines (Alhambra – Centro), C5 (Neptuno – Centro), 4 (Chana – Zaidín) and 33 (Cenes de la Vega – Bus Station) also arrive near Plaza Nueva. These buses run quite frequently, every 15-20 minutes, and the normal ticket price is € 1.40. In the tobacconists, you can buy multi-trip bonuses from € 5 or € 10, with individual travel much cheaper.


By taxi

Taxis are another option to get to Plaza Nueva. The approximate cost from different points of the city can be between € 5.00 and € 10.00. (To call a taxi: +34 958 280 654). You can also book 7-seater or Eurotaxis taxis adapted for people with reduced mobility. We advise reserving that kind of taxis in advance since their availability is more limited.


By car

The access to Plaza Nueva by car is quite complex since there are several streets in the city center that are restricted to road traffic. For this reason, it is not possible to get to Plaza Nueva with a car, and it is necessary to park the car a few minutes from the square and finish the route by foot.

In the center of Granada, the free parking options are very small, so we recommend leaving the car in one of the car parks in the center and using it as little as possible during your stay in the city. San Agustín Parking is right under the central market of Granada and is one of the closest, only 4-5 minutes walk from Plaza Nueva. Other nearby Parking is the Parking Plaza de los Campos (about 10 minutes by foot), or the Parking del Triunfo (15 minutes by foot). The price of those parking is approximately € 2.50 per hour.

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