Spanish Cooking Class

An innovative and playful cultural experience to learn Spanish while cooking.

Learn Spanish while cooking

The best memories are related to food. Odors, textures, unforgettable flavors that transport us to a moment shared with people and in places that we will always keep in our memory.

Enjoy the gastronomic richness of Granada, the land of the three cultures. Arabs, Christians, and Jews coexisted in harmony for many years and left us recipes that still remain in the kitchens of the families of Granada. With this experience, you will be able to learn Spanish while cooking these traditional recipes and taste the authentic culture.

Ideal for families, foodies, students of Spanish, Quijotes and Sanchos Panza…

In addition to enjoying the experience of the cooking class in a small group (Maximum 12 people), you can also choose a private cooking class, where you will have a VIP and personalized treatment, being able to choose the schedule that better suits you as well as choosing what recipes of our gastronomy you are interested in discovering during the class.

    Technical Information

    From Monday to Saturday (according to availability).
    At 11:00 and at 18:00.
    Three hours.
    49€ per person.
    Basic level of Spanish required.

    Terms & conditions

    • Spanish class, ingredients, tasting the recipe, 1 drink, exclusive apron and attendance certificate.
    • Group (from 4 to 12 people).
    • Qualified Spanish teacher.

    To make the reservation, 9€ per person will be charged and the remaining 40€ will be paid at the establishment. (Note: the establishment does not accept credit cards).


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