Responsible and Sustainable Tourism

Responsible Tourism


We are a local company promoting responsible tourism with a personalized touch.

We are dedicated to not just promoting your typical standard tour, but rather a tour that takes into account the unique interests of your group. We know that no one group is like the other, and the richness lies in the difference. We want to know who our clients are beforehand, how many, and what they are looking for. Our experience tells us that, for example, a family from New York is not necessarily interested in the same experience as a group of 30 university students studying abroad. Furthermore, we know that we can organize something distinctive and at the same time unforgettable for both groups. We ensure to design an itinerary that includes the most fitting content and the most well-suited guide for each client.

If you are looking for a local contact who knows the best nooks and crannies in the city, insight to the distinct and often irregular Spanish time schedules, contacts within the city, and thanks to all this is capable of finding the best places and obtaining the best balance between price and quality, here we are. We know the narrow winding streets of the Albayzin, Sacromonte and the Realejo because this is where we live and its neighbours are our neighbours: therefore, we can guarantee a unique experience for those traveling to Granada who want to optimize and enjoy what we consider to be one of the best cities in the world (if not the very best, well, of course we’re not biased or anything…)

That’s why we are a DIFFERENT WAY of living TOURISM in Granada.

What’s more, we think that everyone has a right to know the history and culture of the city, and for that to be possible, it is necessary to be affordable for all, irrespective of how deep their pockets are. For this reason, since the creation of our company, we also offer different daily itineraries known as Free Tours. Each person who goes on the tour decides how much they want and are able to contribute to the guide in form of a tip at the end of the tour, depending on their satisfaction and economy. We see in this system a way to endorse solidarity in tourism and to value the importance of collective culture. Collective because this opens the door for young travellers or students to discover our city, who would otherwise be excluded due to the standard prices of the tourism market. Like this we contribute to raising new generations of lovers of cultural heritage, historical, social and more. The direct relationship between the satisfaction of the clients and the tips for the guide is a guarantee of the high quality that we offer, as can be seen in the excellent reviews on Walk in Granada that you’ll find in the main tourism webpages.

We invite you to explore our website, our offers and contact us for any question you may have.

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