Mission, Rules, and Values

Mission, Rules & Values

We want tourism to be an added value for our neighbourhoods and our neighbourhoods to be an added value in the experience of those visiting Granada.

What moves us and has moved us since the beginning, is the love for this city, its history, its people, its culture and landscapes. This is why we have decided to live here and make it our home. We believe in the concept of territory as something complex and dynamic, which demands respect, dedication, and a lot of tender love and care in order to take care of it, love it and discover it without depleting it.

We believe that the historical and cultural heritage is as important as social heritage: not only do we wish to show the walls and monuments of our city, but we also want to make visitors aware of the beauty of the people who live inside those walls.

In recent years, there are more and more voices speaking of a tourism that destroys, plunders or distorts territories, cultures, and landscapes. Others speak of tourism like a golden calf, the solution to all of the economic problems of the city. We think that tourism is neither good nor bad in itself, but rather depends on how it is done, on the values and rules that each person applies to it. It is true that tourism can kill those very things that it has to offer (visiting monuments without care, the social environment transformed into a mere consumer product). But on other hand we believe that tourism can create an enriching synergy with the host territory and people, with a fostering role instead of depleting it.

Therefore we have decided to write, adopt, and promote a code of good practice in order to respect the people of the neighbourhoods that we visit, the conservation of the historical, cultural and social heritage of the city, as well as protecting the environment and furthering local and responsible consumption.

In coherence with our values, we have worked to build a team of guides that share our vision and have a personal connection with the places they show. Our guides care for this territory because it represents not only their present but also their past and future.

For this reason too, we give priority to good quality jobs over mere company profit.

As we consider the protection of the environment a matter of urgency, we opted for the most sustainable means of transportation ever invented: our legs . We only use other means when it is absolutely essential and always with the idea of minimizing its use.

While we are delighted when people decide to discover the areas that we love so much with us, we always advise our clients to continue discovering on their own …and to consume locally, supporting the small businesses that allow the neighbourhood  to stay alive and preventing it from becoming a mere amusement park for tourists.

Finally, we commit ourselves to devote part of our company’s earnings to ONGs and local development projects so that each step a tourists takes with us, will leave their personal footprint in these streets even after their journey comes to an end.

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